One word: Immortals

So of course for those of you that enjoyed the art design and fantasy blood-filled beauty that was 300, then you will thoroughly enjoy the next masterpiece by the same creators, Immortals. I saw this movie once and then had to go see it again since in many different ways than one, it screamed a my-kind-of-movie!

I’ll have to admit that I have always been the type of male, and I will say that it’s common among us guy-folk, to love war movies filled with realistic gore and gruesome battles. Filled with spews of flying limbs and beady blood spatting trails. Filled with swift sword lunges and flailing bodies. Yes, all signs my testosterone levels are still intact. Just to give you a little idea of what I mean, watch this mini-clip from the movie. Caution! It is a little gory. But give me a break, look how bad-A the fighting is. Not to mention these are Gods here. Zeus and friends come down and visit the Titans for a little fun….

Alright, if that movie made you cringe in any way, or feel disgusted, then stop reading and go waste your time with Twilight Breaking Dawn (which was so bad I might have to blog about it later). You have to admit that the fighting was pretty insane. I loved it.

The plot of Immortals follows a dashing young man named Theseus, played by Henry Cavill.

Yes the ladies think he is a sexy beast, and I’ll admit he was sporting a good old 300 bod that we all are used to from this genre. Theseus is chosen by Zeus (Luke Evans)

to fight for humanity against King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his army. The gruesome and mean looking King Hyperion is searching for the Epirus Bow. A weapon that was lost during the war in heaven and is hidden on the Earth. He knows that to find its whereabouts would require the capturing of the virgin oracle, Phaedra, who can have visions about the future. Yes as you can imagine from Hollywood, she is definitely a pretty young vixen, and may or may not still be a virgin after the movie is over.

What really got my attention during the movie was the amazing art style and how good it looked in 3D. Honestly it was beautiful to say the least. Also, the fight scenes were so intense and gruesome that you were on the edge of your seat the whole time. I will have to admit there were parts that even were worse than Saw. And that is saying a lot. However, it added to the edginess and daring aspect that the film was trying to achieve. They wanted you to see a movie that went past the normal limits of what you are used to, and create bodies in war that were torn apart like you never have seen. I will have to admit chaps, they did a pretty dang good job at what they were trying to achieve. I loved this movie and will have to put it up there on my favorites list.


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