Lord of the Epic-ness Trilogy

It was a normal day of life in October. It was starting to get cold outside and I got that  sudden anticipation of a winter wonderland coming on, where you are all bundled up next to a fire with some hot coco, a beautiful girl to cuddle, and all cozy with an epic movie accompanying you… That was my experience last week, and it really just made me want to watch an epic movie right at that moment. I pondered on what past movie just amazed me and was epic in itself… three long seconds passed and I knew instantly what I wanted to re-watch: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, this time in Blu-Ray on the 120″ 1080p projector screen. Me being a man that gets things done, I got right on that. I grabbed a beautiful go-go dancer, set the mood, made a quick trip to Blockbuster, and started off the first night of three with none other than:

The Fellowship of the Ring. The journey that started the epic trilogy. I was especially impressed yet again by the detail of the Shire with its lush grassy hills and detail to a happy atmosphere. Peter Jackson just has a way of creating a world so immersive and detailed in his movies. A scene that I especially liked was at the end when the goblins were awakened in the cave. Made for some brutal fighting and of course the epic battle between Gandalf and that big fiery devil with horns didn’t disappoint. However, it did leave us on a cliff hanger as we all thought Gandalf really did die as he fell into the abyss toppling to his death… Poor poor Petrie…
We finished the night off right with this masterpiece and for the next night were nicely treated to yet another beaut of a movie…

None other than The Two Towers, or Triple-T, or TTT! You get the point. In Blu-Ray this one really shines. Of course I had a snuggle partner again, and we dove right into this epic tale of battle and orcs and man flesh! I loved the white wizard Saruman in this movie.  Always so evil looking and ready to stab you in the back, as he does to his good old buddy Gandalf the grey. The army of orcs he raises up in the fiery pits of his Tower Isengard really makes for some gruesome makeup design and an oddly way of making everyone look so wet, shiny and disgusting. Loved it. The battle at helms deep is one of the best battle scenes we have yet to see on the big screen, just screaming EPIC the whole time.                                       There is so much going on in this scene that you almost get an eye-gasm that has never felt so good. You have to admit that you got the chills multiple times throughout the battle. There are two prominent parts where my hairs were on end. The first was when the elves showed up to help the fight in the beginning. When all seems desolate and not promising, a horn is heard, with Legolas stating that it isn’t no Orc horn…. Blah blah. And there are the baby-faced elves marching in the front door, ready to ally up and fight with men. The second goose-bump moment occurs when Aragorn and the King of Rohan ride out into the army of orcs ready to give their lives against the innumerable slew of enemies, and right when they are about to be defeated Gandalf the Grey shows up with the rest of the abandoned Riders of Rohan and they make the army of orcs retreat back to Isengard with their bloody tail stubs between their legs. Hairs. On. End. Loved that battle of epic proportions.

The Return of the King is the final in the trilogy and just  takes everything you loved in the first two and puts them on steroids. You have never seen a battle this epic in all of your life with the armies of Mordor coming together at the feet of Gondor. Prepare yourself and wear two pairs of whitey tighties because it is crazy action-packed. Aragorn is just a bad ace. Admit it. He retakes the throne as the true King and the true bearer of the re-molded sword.

Ahhhh what an epic trilogy. I loved every second of it (even those where an occasional make-out took my attention away from Frodo and friends) The characters, the plot, the music… All come together to explode in your face and boy does it impress. You get a sad feeling of despair when you realize this is the end of the journey and are forced to watch all the credits to pay tribute to such an amazing movie. I recommend that all watch the trilogy again if you want an epic adventure that pleased me for three nights. And the great news is that the Hobbit is in the making and will be two parts!! Expect that masterpiece sometime in 2012.


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