Alright ladies and gents, as I continue this movie-themed blog, I find it necessary to keep you all posted on the latest and greatest movies to hit the big screen that I of course have personally witnessed myself. I rarely will spend money and go to a movie unless I already know it has gotten amazing critic feedback and public reviews. I love movies, but mostly, I love GOOD movies. My source for most movies is Rotten Tomatoes, a friendly app called Flixter provides the details of this directly to my iphone. So without further ado, let me just rant a little about a movie that blew me away..


Simply put, it was AmAzInG! I rarely have felt the inner feelings that I have felt while watching this film. The first 3/4 of this movie just builds the story, going deep into the lives of a family torn apart, and how two brothers train, for different reasons, and without knowing of the others doings, to become the champions of Sparta, a mixed martial arts fight club, you could say.

The acting in the film is superb. Especially that of the father of the two brothers, who goes by Paddy. Due to the father’s addiction to alcohol he abandoned his family and left a family torn. The two brothers were led apart to live separate lives, doing all in their will to forget about their youth and upbringing. Tommy, the younger of the two, stayed with his mother to care for her. Brendan, the older, fell in love with a girl and left with her. Tommy took care of his sick mother as she died in his arms, without his father or brother even knowing of her passing. Tommy then went into the Army where he fought for his country with the little passion he had left in life. All the while his rage building up inside to unleash the Warrior he soon would become…                                                               

Brendan married his sweetheart and started a family together. They were happily in love but struggled financially to make ends meet. Brendan was then a middle-school teacher and when the bank said he would need to file bankruptcy, he decided to go back to his wild side job that always brought in a little extra inflow, as risky as it was. At first his wife was devastated, knowing that he could end up hurt again, and that the kids shouldn’t watch their dad get beat up for a living, but it was their only option….

Tommy returns from the Army and visits his father Paddy, and tells him he wants nothing to do with him, that he doesn’t love him anymore, that he only wants him as a fighting coach, as it was in high-school, and that was it. His father tries to win back his sons love for the remainder of the film, which allows Paddy some very impressive acting skills and a few tear-jerker moments where you really feel his pain as a father. Meanwhile, Brendan proves to be an animal in the ring, and as the show progresses, both brothers are training vigorously for Sparta, a tournament that crowns the toughest man in the world for a prize of $5 million.

The last 30 minutes of the movie is the tournament itself, which I have to say has to be one of the most intense movie sequences I have ever experienced. I sat up on the edge of my seat for the whole 30 minutes and actually forgot I was in a movie theater. I cheered and got goosebumps with each landed punch as we watched the 2 brothers fight their opponents and prove themselves over and over as the true underdogs, emerging out of nowhere. The true emotion comes as we see how the tournament ends up, and the torn family bonds that you didn’t think could be mended, are brought to test. I wont spoil the ending for anyone that hasn’t already seen this gem of a movie, but just know that it made my top 10 and I haven’t heard one guy (or girl even) that hasn’t already claimed it one of their instant favorites. Go see it ASAP!


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2 Responses to Warrior!

  1. Warrior is definetly going down as one of the best movies of this decade. The fighting is not only great but the movie does such a good job telling 3 different stories: Brendan, Tommy, and Paddy. This movie should be nominated for Best Picture. The movie is currently playing at the Provo Dollar Theater and I plan on seeing it again there.

  2. Haven’t seen this one yet, but really want to now. I don’t know how I haven’t even heard of this one.

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