The most amazing first blog post you’ve ever witnessed!

Bienvenidos! Yes that was in spanish, my second language, but I’ll spare you all the trouble and keep this strictly English. With that said, we as Americans are a curiously proud people. Yes we live in a great place and we won’t be slow to show our pride for this blessed land we call home. Some, in their arrogance will cross that little line we call “humility” when boasting their goodness or pride for the U.S. Of A. To these people we can say, “Hey, show some humility mannnnnnnn, we aren’t the best at everything!” And that is true, we definitely can’t take the medal for being the best at all things under the sun. However, I will be a boastful menace right now and agree that although we aren’t the best at everything, we hands down are the best of at least one certain trait: we have the best movies. Period. 

You have now discovered what this blog will consist of. The gloriousness delightment that has consumed so many hours of rotting on a couch. Movies. I love movies. I have always been one to be up to date on all the greatest movies (to my knowledge)and about future movies that look very promising. There is a lot that goes into making a movie “good”. Music, plot, actors, humor, budget, etc etc. However, some movies have all of these and just flat out suck! It happens. This blog will contain posts about some of my favorite movies and what made them amazing, as well as current movies that I recently watched in theaters, and if they were worth the dollar. For now, let it be known that I will attempt to make a list of my top 10 movies. This list will never be satisfying to me just because I will keep glancing at the listed 10 and will have a dying urge to replace one with another, due to the mere fact that I have a lot more than 10 favorite movies.. True fact. So bare with me, and know that this list contains movies that if you haven’t seen one of them, stop reading this worthless post and do something with your life! Go see these movies ASAP, after kicking yourself in the hip for the lack of not already having done so. You should be ashamed…. 

My Top 10.. Ugh this pains me… Why can’t it be top 100? Wait I’m the author here, why not do what I want….? Well because it would suck to make that list that’s why retard. Who talks to themselves?! 

Alright, here is the Top 10, in no apparent order, except for number 1. That movie has engraved it’s way to the number 1 spot. 

1. Gladiator       
2. Troy 
3. Braveheart 
4. Avatar
5. The Island
6. Pearl Harbor 
7. The Green Mile
8. Inception 
9. Shawshank Redemption 
10. Warrior 

There I did it. Amazing movies.. If one on this list doesn’t ring a bell, get on that!! 


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I am full of life and try to enjoy it to the fullest extant possible. I am a twin. I need an A :)
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